Cure for the Sinvirus

April 10, 2020

             We all are currently dealing with something called COVID-19, also known as the Coronavirus.  Leaders and the media have gone into overdrive, and people into panic mode, buying as much toilet paper as they can get their hands on.  They also stock up on essentials, and some non-essentials, like we are about to experience a nuclear war that would force everyone underground for months.  First we were told to practice social distancing, wash our hands frequently, and only meet in groups of 50 or less.  And then the number started getting smaller until it got down to 10 or less, and now not even that is acceptable in many instances.  We all feel like prisoners in our own homes, apartments, or rooms except those of us that are allowed to work in hospitals, nursing homes, and the like, or are needed to deliver food, medicine, and supplies.  Scientists and experts in the medical field scramble to find both a cure and a vaccine in an effort to save lives and stop the spread of the virus.

          But for thousand of years there has been another virus that has not only threatened, but infected, every living person ever born.  And yet so many people pay it no regard whatsoever.  Some show more symptoms than others.  But every one of us is born with this virus within us, just waiting to reveal itself in a myriad of ways.  And the worst part of all is that it will ultimately not only kill your body, but it will cause your spirit to suffer eternal death in unquenchable fire.  A death in which you are still conscious, but all that is life in the sense of positive energy – joy, love, hope, peace – is completely gone, and all that is left is negative energy – despair, hate, hopelessness, and guilt.  A death from which there is no escape, ever.   

          The name of this virus is “Sin”.  There is no vaccine to prevent it.  Locking ourselves away from people will not stop its transmission, because we have all had it since birth.  You, me, and every single person ever born onto this earth.  Calling it something different, pretending it doesn’t exist, or thinking it will never harm us won’t change its deadliness.  And mankind cannot produce a cure.  The only one capable of producing a cure powerful enough to stop this virus is God himself. 

And thankfully he has done just that.  Out of his great love for us he sent us the only thing that could keep this virus from causing our eternal death.  Jesus.  His dearly beloved Son.  The blood of Jesus Christ is the only cure for the sinvirus.  It is the only thing that can rid our spirits of it so that they can live forever.  Not just exist forever, but truly live forever in perfect joy, love, and peace.  When Jesus died on that cross on the day we now call Good Friday, and then rose again on Easter morning, he sent the cure into the whole world.

          But sadly, many people refuse it.  They turn it away.  For any other terminal illness people will do just about anything to get a hold of the cure and take it.  Whether it is an injection, a pill, or something more drastic like radiation and chemotherapy.  Even if its not 100% guaranteed.  They are willing to suffer side effects, go into debt, and completely change their lifestyle.  But they fear the side effects of the 100% guaranteed cure for the sinvirus, some of which are a distaste for things that are displeasing for God, a desire to serve God with their time and resources, and a change in lifestyle that means putting God first, others second, and themselves last.  But they don’t realize that these ‘side effects’ show that the cure is doing its work, and as a result you will start feeling more love, more joy, and have more peace than you ever thought possible.

          So how do you get a hold of and take this miraculous cure?  By putting your faith in Jesus Christ alone.  Nothing else.  Your own best efforts won’t cure the sinvirus, and neither can anyone else’s on your behalf.  It is by faith alone.  Faith in Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross and his resurrection.   Only the perfect blood of Jesus is powerful enough to utterly destroy this virus.   Our bodies will still suffer its effects in the sense of aging, illness, and physical death, and at times it will even try to get us to succumb to allowing it to dominate our thoughts and actions,  but our spirits will be completely given new life, eternal life, a glorious life that no one can take from us. 

          So if you still haven’t taken this wonderful cure for the worst virus of all, call out to Jesus today and He will save you, for “Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.”  (Romans 10:13).  Amen.


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