TRULY FREE 4-26-20


April 26, 2020

It has been over a month now.  A month since life seemingly came to screeching halt.  A month since we were banished to live behind closed doors, to emerge only with masks on, and at a safe social distance. 

But oddly, in a sense many people had been living like that already before all this began.  When they are out in public they wear masks, not to protect them from a virus, but to hide the virus within them.  The virus of sin and evil that causes them to harbor hatred, envy, greed, and bitterness.  They paint a warm smile on that mask, in hopes people won’t see the scowl underneath, the barred teeth, and the curses on their lips.  They keep a safe social distance, not wanting to reveal their empty souls and their darkened hearts.  Only within the confines of their private sanctuaries do they let their true selves be known to the walls they have built around themselves.  And sadly, there are others that wear a mask to hide depression, grief, or despair, not wanting to appear weak, vulnerable, or a burden to others.

Then there are others that had already been living on lockdown inside a cell built by the devil – a cell filled with fear and anxiety that this pandemic has only heightened.  Afraid of the future, afraid of change, afraid of what might happen.  Afraid to step out into what God would have them to do, worrying that they might fail.  Afraid of giving of themselves for fear they might be taken advantage of.  Afraid of losing loved ones, so they cling to them so tightly that they themselves are the cause of the loss.  So afraid of becoming ill that their mental state weakens their immune system to the point that they open the door they thought they had shut. 

Both types of people have been enslaved, not by COVID-19 or by the government, but by something far more powerful.  By something that has been trapping the souls of mankind since the beginning.  By something that has destroyed peace on earth.   Something that has ruined the perfect balance of the natural world and infiltrated it with aggression and destruction, dividing it into the predators and the prey, one living to kill and the other fearing for their life. 

At times it takes great spiritual discernment to even know which is which. We can all too easily be deceived into thinking the predators are our friends, with our best interests at heart, all the while preying on our naivete’ and our fears.  On the other hand, sometimes the most aggressive among us are acting out of fear, attempting to disguise it by intimidating others in order to feel safe.

So what are we to do?  How do we escape from the evil that lurks within us, no matter what form it might take?  How do we find peace in a world that threatens us from every side?  The answer is the same for both.  And, of course, that answer is Jesus.  Jesus came to this earth to release us from the bonds of sin and evil - and the bonds of fear.  Jesus is the key that unlocks the hold that Satan has on you, that releases you from the chains that will otherwise continue to tighten around you until the day you not only lose your physical life, but your eternal life as well.  There is nothing more glorious on this earth than the knowledge that you are no longer a slave to sin and to fear.  That you have a home waiting for you with our Lord in heaven where sin and fear will never, ever threaten you again.  And that during your remaining years on earth you will be free!

Yes, those who Christ has freed are free indeed.  No matter the circumstance.  Even during a pandemic.  Because no matter the restraints the government places on their bodies, their spirits are free and unbound.  No matter the snares laid out by the devil, their faith has overcome their fear, their joy has overcome their sorrow, and they know the hope they have placed in the Lord for their future will be fulfilled beyond their wildest dreams. 

“So if the Son sets you free, you are truly free.”  (John 8:36).  Amen.

VIDEO:  "No Longer Slaves"  (Zach Williams)